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John Halinski

President at Raloid Corp

John Halinski works as the President of Raloid Corp and is a Partner at S&R Investments,LLC. He boasts over 35 years of leadership and management experience in domestic and international work efforts. John is a retired Marine who specialized in Intelligence, Infantry and Counterterrorism and dedicated over 24 years of service to his country.

After retiring honorably from the Marine Corps in 2004 John Halinski became the Transportation Security Administration’s Representative in Africa and Italy where he continued his work in counterterrorism and helped expand the administration’s operations and increased performance. John launched an operational initiative that emphasized using a risk based approach to security and has resulted in increased efficiency. As Assistant Administrator for OGS from 2008 to 2012, Halinski’s duties included enhancing international transportation security and increasing compliance and engagement. His most notable accomplishments included the improvement of strategies to prevent/suppress all acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation and acting as the U.S. Representative on Aviation Security for the International Civilian Aviation Organization.

During his tenure with the TSA John Halinski served as a lead during the Winter Olympics in 2006 and was assigned to be the TSA Representative during the 2006 evacuation of Americans from Lebanon. As a specialist in Aviation John served as chief technical advisor for aviation security during the U.S. State Department’s Open Skies negotiations. John has had a positive impact on the TSA’s response to many major and minor security situations across the globe for over a decade. During the international cargo plot of 2010 he directed the TSA’s response and worked to rebuild Haiti’s transportation security after the devastating earthquake in 2010. He also directed the TSA’s incident response during the attempted terrorist bombing and printer bombing attempt in 2009.

After leaving the TSA in 2014 John Halinski became Partner at S&R Investments, LLC, which is a veteran owned company that specializes in consulting, security, intelligence, national defense, risk management, leadership, international affairs and crisis incident management among others. In 2017 he added more responsibilities to his plate by accepting a position as President at Raloid Corp in addition to his Partner duties. Raloid Corp is a high performance metal manufacturing company that produces parts for classified government programs.

After his retirement John Halinski made education as much of a priority as his career. He believes knowledge is power and strives to improve his education whenever possible. Before joining the Marines he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Florida. During his time in the military he worked towards and obtained his Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence and International Affairs from the National Intelligence Agency. John seized every opportunity for educational advancement offered to him by the Marines and took classes in Intelligence Studies, Homeland Security/Emerging Threats and earned a certificate in Organizational Leadership.