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Possessing the right hiring protocol can be a decisive component of any company, especially when it comes to companywide hiring practices. Exceptional employees are ultimately the primary ingredient in any successful company. Hiring lousy or under-qualified employees can sink a company or badly damage its ability to generate a consistent, long-term profit. Every company should know exactly how to hire the right employees for the job.


Verifiable References

A smart company only hires employees that provide two or more verifiable work references. Without verifiable work references, there is no way of knowing what to expect from a prospective employee. Having more than one verifiable reference gives the hiring company the ability to build a better profile with regard to a prospective employee’s long term work performance and overall skills.


Goal-Oriented Candidates

Numerous research studies have proven that goal-oriented employees are more productive, motivated, and easier to deal with than unfocused or meandering employees. This should be obvious to any company going through a hiring process, so it is important to properly vet prospective employees in a manner than reveals whether or not they fit the goal-oriented build. A resume can often be quite telling in this regard.


Willingness to Learn

Sometimes the right hiring choice is not the person most experienced at a particular job duty or position. Hiring candidates that exhibit a strong willingness to learn but are otherwise under-qualified can often turn out to be diamonds in the rough. A dedicated and hard-working individual with a strong willingness to learn is an investment that most companies should not pass up.


Not Everyone is a Social Butterfly

Awkward or socially lacking hiring candidates should never be immediately disqualified based on that factor alone. Some of the most brilliant people alive are extremely socially awkward including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and others. Engineers or other innovators don’t necessarily need to be super socially savvy to do their jobs well, so never overlook a socially awkward or introverted individual.


The Vibe

A person’s overall “vibe” isn’t a magical aura that they give off, rather it is the way in which people perceive them based on micro-signals and other sub-conscious data bites. Intuition or gut instinct is often right because it typically constructs a conclusion based on real data that is being processed by the subconscious. If a prospective employee gives off a bad vibe, then this should be investigated further. Vibe along should not be used to make a hiring decision, but instinct and first impressions can be telling.