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It is common for many companies to evaluate their business strategy at the end of the year to decipher what worked well and to make a plan for the coming year. While many basic principles of business are ageless, it is important in today’s competitive market to stay on top of recent trends and technology. Below are recent trends to watch for and incorporate in your business models for 2019.


Marketing is ever changing, with some of the biggest trends for 2019 focused around content, personalization, and artificial intelligence (AI). Continuous adjustments will be necessary, especially within content marketing in 2019. Content marketing has become essential and encompassing of both sales and marketing teams. It is an effective way to capture and engage with your target audience by providing them with content they find valuable, such as posts on social media or videos. Make sure to create a strategy and budget for your content marketing plan in 2019.

Personalization is another key component that is vital for capturing and retaining new customers. Today’s customers want to feel valued through an extremely personalized experience, whether that be through receiving personalized emails or targeted ads. The creation of customer profiles, along with the ease of accessing the product or service they want on any device will help increase the overall customer experience.

Artificial intelligence is currently being used within content marketing, personalization, and digital marketing and will continue to do so and advance in 2019. AI promises for better user experience by being able to collect data and suggest specialized content for users based on location and past behaviors. Voice searches, predictive behavior, and real-time customer support are all evolving processes that utilize artificial intelligence to revolutionize digital marketing. Staying on top of the newest advances in AI and technology as a whole will be imperative to your business strategy this coming year.

Cybersecurity and Finances

Increasingly, websites, devices, and important data are being cyber attacked more frequently. Insecure internet devices can be easy for hackers to find and attack, causing multitudes of problems. Due to the rise of threat, many companies are investing in higher quality cybersecurity centers to detect and respond to these threats.   

The adoption of safer and higher quality devices also applies to finances and the need for secure but fast services. As more people change to use their cell phones or tech watches to pay for products or services, financial services offered by companies will need to be optimized to keep up.