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Burnout is a sign that you’re overworking yourself and not taking the time to find the joy in your job that you once had for it. Most people assume that suffering from burnout means that it’s time to find a new career, but, depending on your stage in life, that may not be the best choice. Often, you can bounce back from burnout by taking the time to reorganize the way you work.

Socialize More Often

Staying social is important, whether you work in an office or from home. If you don’t connect with people in a social way routinely throughout your day, you may begin to feel isolated and alone. Take a minute to socialize with someone, even if it means stepping outside of your work area. You’ll be surprised by how beneficial a five-minute conversation can be.

Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby

While sweets and other junk food may be tasty, they don’t give your body the nutrition it needs. Often, these kinds of snacks will give you a sudden burst of energy, but leave you feeling fatigued once you crash. For an energy that will last longer throughout your day, bring fresh fruits and veggies to work with you. Snacking on plant-based foods will provide you with sustainable energy and help you regulate your moods. If fruits and veggies don’t entice you, try unsalted nuts and seeds.

Schedule Physical Activity

Most people get so caught up in trying to balance their careers and home lives that they forget to take care of themselves. Failing to get enough exercise each day can affect your mental and emotional health, as well as exposing you to physical health problems. If you feel as though you don’t have the time, schedule an hour of physical activity for yourself just as you would schedule any important meeting.

Identify Your Stressors

For most people, there a common events, people, or obligations that create the majority of stress in their lives. By identifying these things, you can develop a plan for dealing with them each time they confront you. In doing this, you’ll find that having a response will ensure your triggers are less stressful to you.

If you’re suffering from career burnout, this may be a sign that you’re overstressed and overworked. By evaluating your work methods, you may find ways to be more productive without working yourself ragged. In addition to the tips provided here, look for more ways that you can make your workday more fulfilling.