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Most success in business stems from efficient productivity. With only so many hours in the week, it can be a challenge to accomplish your tasks promptly and leave work feeling accomplished. Much of productivity is due to strategic planning and delegation of time and tasks at hand. It can take time to master true productivity at work. By using the following suggestions, one can increase their productivity and time management to drive success in their business.

Track your time

One of the best things you can do to maximize your productivity is to track the time you spend on individual tasks. Time management is a major factor for productivity. Tracking how much time you spend on specific tasks can give you a better idea of where you might be losing time and where it could be better spent. Many people don’t realize how much time they actually spend on projects, checking email, etc., so tracking time is a great way to help schedule your day and to avoid multitasking.

Create to-do lists

It can be easy to lose sight of staying organized when you are running low on time. Creating to-do lists is an efficient way to prioritize your daily projects. While this is a common organizational tool, not many people actually utilize making to-do lists. Whether you order tasks based off of priority, time, or difficulty; it’s helpful to write them down so you can visualize what tasks need to be accomplished each day. Consider using a program like Google Tasks to track your deadlines and to sync up with your calendar and email.

Take Breaks

Studies show that regular breaks during a workday are vital to maintaining productivity and improving concentration. While it may seem counterproductive to step away from your work, scheduling regular breaks throughout the day is a great way to refresh your mind so you can come back refocused.

Delegate tasks

The most successful people know when and how to ask for help when needed. Delegating tasks can take a huge weight off your shoulders and can free up additional time for other higher priority tasks at hand. Many people are willing to help if you ask, so don’t rule out bringing others in to help increase your productivity.

It can be challenging to incorporate new strategies into your already busy day, but by taking the time to organize your schedule, track your time and set realistic goals, your productivity is sure to grow stronger and lead you to more success.